We haven’t re-blogged other posts on the LINGOs Blog before, but Brian Washburn’s post “The Rise and Fall of an Online Training Program” is a worthy read for the LINGOs Community – not just because it’s by one of our members (Brian is with SightLife) ; nor because one of the real life training experts who weighed in on it is our Virtual Coffee Barista extraordinaire, Shannon Cavallari of PATH; nor because blogging is a GREAT way to learn and to share within the community; nor because his blog “Train Like a Champion” is a superb resource for all trainers and learning professionals; but also because this post illustrates a reality that many face when starting an eLearning program. Please take a look and share your thoughts and advice for a learning professional such as Darryl in the case study.
Thanks to Brian for this gem, and allowing us to reblog to the LINGOs community,

Train Like a Champion

I’ve spoken with a slew of training colleagues over the past year.  Many of them have online training programs with learning management systems.  And many of them struggle to attract consistent traffic to their LMS.  Part 1 of what follows is a fictionalized case study based upon a number of these conversations. In Part 2, I’m joined by another training colleague to offer our thoughts and insights about the situation.

Part 1: If You Build It, They Will Come… for a Little While

Darryl shut down his computer and stopped by Starbucks for a treat before heading home.  He deserved it.  He had been working non-stop for the past two years on the development, implementation and roll-out of his organization’s new Online Training Academy (OTA).  With great fanfare, it launched today.  His boss was pleased.  Considerable buzz had been generated over the past month and a half.  Managers from…

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