LINGOs grows in community and resources

Posted by Marian Abernathy

 We are pleased to welcome 14 new member agencies to the LINGOs community so far this calendar year. We’ve added capacity on our end to continue to provide top notch member services to each agency. In addition to our LMS Administrator, Joey Watkins, whom many of you met at last fall’s member meeting, we just welcomed Lourdes Islague, as part time Administrative Support.

We plan a series of posts here on our blog to provide tools and resources to our newer members. We hope they will be of use for more seasoned members planning new learning initiatives, as well!  We will pull examples and case studies from other members’ posts on our LinkedIn group, as well as from discussions at the ongoing “Virtual Coffee Breaks.”

In addition to the expertise and experience of the LINGOs community, readers will benefit from the expertise of Ruth Kustoff, an independent learning and development consultant, who works with organizations to identify what learning, knowledge and skill-based training is required to meet business/organizational goals. As a guest blogger, she will share her expertise on the front-end of identifying needs, strategizing an approach to learning to meet identified goals, and developing organizational blueprints or learning roadmaps.

In this series, we’ll cover topics that many of our members have touched upon in LinkedIn, Virtual Coffee breaks, on skype and in person! Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t yet – and stay tuned for upcoming posts on:

  • Identify top learning needs and develop a plan
  • Tips for Selecting Content a challenge given the wealth resources available just through LINGOs!
  • Build Awareness of the Learning Program: Communications plan
  • Learning Liaisons in the Field
  • Getting Senior Management Support
  • Assessing Learning Impact

This post will be seen on the LinkedIn Discussion board. Please share your questions, comments or experience on any of these topics and more, please join the discussion on LinkedIn… and the upcoming Virtual Coffee Breaks.