Creating High Impact Graphics for your Courses (and Presentations)

Learning theorists have repeatedly and consistently found that quality graphics have great potential to enhance the impact of courses.  The challenge, however, is identifying relevant, appropriate graphics.  Furthermore, even if you are able to find five or ten excellent images, how do you ensure that the graphics throughout the entirety of a 30-slide PowerPoint show or a 25-page e-learning product are consistent?  How do you avoid the appearance that your courses were “cobbled” together using random graphics harvested from Google Images?
Tom Kuhlman’s Rapid e-Learning Blog   has a series of excellent posts on how to leverage Microsoft clipart to develop a catalogue of images for your courses. 
I can imagine the reader’s reaction, “ClipArt??  Are you kidding?”  However, before you dismiss the idea, recognize that we are not talking about the black and white stick figures that dominated PowerPoint presentations in 1998. 
Kuhlman is doing some amazing manipulation of stock images using innovative approaches that I would have never realized existed if I had not read his posts. 
Over the past six months,  the Rapid e-Learning Blog has published a series of 5 posts on this topic.  They are enlightening and highly recommended to anyone who needs to incorporate graphics in their learning:
2. See How Easily You Can Design a Consistent Look for Your E-Learning Courses