3 Inspiring Ideas from the Global Giveback Site

Posted by Mike Culligan, LINGOs Director of Content and Impact

Many of this blog’s readers already know that LINGOs’ GlobalGivebackCompetition provides a unique opportunity for learning developers to “give back” their wealth of skills in the service of building custom-made, high-quality e-learning courses for development, relief and conservation agencies. In the first two rounds of the competition, volunteer developers have built over 50 courses, provides access to resources LINGOs member agencies would never be able to access at commercial market rates.  So, as agencies sign up to participate in Global Giveback 3 (go to http://ngolearning.org/globalgiveback/ to learn more)  it is not surprising that this is their primary objective.

However, many readers don’t realize that the Giveback competition doesn’t just provide essential development opportunities to life-saving organizations; it also inspires volunteers.  A quick visit to the Global Giveback Showcase immediately provides a number of inspiring ideas for designing eLearning interactions. 

Inspirational Idea 1:  Rethink Course Navigation

Have you seen Christian Aid’s course on Using Communication Tools? The volunteer team (led by Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate) designed a user experience that is simple and intuitive – we love the clean, white template that emphasizes the great visuals!

In addition to the fresh and modern design, the course navigation is leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional course outline. Instead of next and back buttons, the developers designed an icon-based navigation ribbon at the bottom of the page. So simple! So effective! Yet I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

To take the course go to the GlobalGiveback1 Showcase and click on “Using Communication Tools at Christian Aid.”








Inspirational Idea 2:  Invite the Learner to Engage in Building the Content 

Two-time volunteer Amanda Warner never disappoints. Her courses invite to the learner to engage in scenario based interactions. Amanda’s “Build, Manage, Improve Credit” (for Acción International) provides a super cool decision engine where learners attempt to fix their credit record. The interface is so simple, but the interaction is playful and engaging. 

Each time I enter the Repair Credit section of the course, I find myself drawn into the interaction: I do it once, then, I do it again, then again. After the fourth time running the exercise, I have thought about credit records through four different perspectives!  (Aside – I also highly recommend a visit to the GlobalGiveback 2 Showcase to see Amanda’s winning course “Client Protection and Financial Education in Microfinance.”)







Inspirational Idea 3:  Harness the Cloud 

I once worked with an HIV project where the technical experts worked out of thirteen offices in eleven countries. Imagine trying to coordinate these teams around the development of an eLearning course. How would you access files? How would share access to development tools? How would you manage team participation? While this scenario sounds extreme, it is a common challenge when working with development agencies with staff dispersed across the world.  It is just as likely that a Subject Matter Expert will be located in Panama as she would be in Kenya, Indonesia or Tajikistan. 

The team that developed the GlobalGiveback 2 Showcase course, “How to Design a Team Building Workshop” “harnessed the cloud” to address this challenge. The team from ACDI/VOCA and its partner QuickLessons developed their course using QuickLessons’ web based course development tool. Because the tool is hosted on-line, team members contributed to the development of the course regardless of their location and without having to download the course development software to their computers. Furthermore, they were able to share course files through an on-line document repository that was accessible from any location. These features, and the ability to comment of course versions through web-hosted board, permitted rich collaboration from a geographically-disbursed global team. 

So, if you are thinking about building an e-learning course and are looking for creative ideas from other organizations that have previous experience, visit the LINGOs website and explore the Global Giveback resources section.  The results are sure to inspire you and your team

LINGOs Community Grateful for Highly Skilled Volunteers

By Eric Berg, Executive Director, LINGOs

 One of the founding principles of LINGOs was to provide a community of like-minded individuals who could come together to make learning experiences more accessible to staff and partners working in the developing world.  Our members are a large part of that community, our private sector partners who contribute their products and services with the goal of enhancing Learning Where it Really Matters are also part of that community. A third and essential part of the LINGOs community are our volunteers. In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation week and on behalf of all LINGOs members I want to express our gratitude for the volunteers who not only have served LINGOs in the past year, but also those who have volunteered through LINGOs directly with our member organizations.

One of the unique characteristics of LINGOs volunteers is they are able to use their highest skills to contribute to the work of LINGOs and its members. In the past, volunteers were often asked to do tasks that needed to be done like answering phones, processing mail and all kinds of physical labor. However, these were not tasks that exploited the unique professional skills that many volunteers often brought to the work.  While occasionally someone with accounting or legal or marketing skills were used in those areas, for the most part, volunteers simply were viewed as surplus labor.

The volunteers we speak with are eager to be a part of the work LINGOs and its members do in the developing world to build the skills of field-based staff. While most are not able to take time off and travel to these far-away places, they would still like to know that their contribution is making a difference in the field. Fortunately, there is much that needs to be done that can be completed remotely without ever leaving home or office. 

In the past two years through the LINGOs/eLearning Guild eLearning Global Giveback program, over 50 courses have been created by more than 100 volunteer instructional designers, developers and learning professionals. These course have been taken by people around the world and the work of the volunteers is being felt in remote parts of the globe.

In addition to the outstanding Global Giveback Volunteers (179 who signed up for GG2 and the 150+ eLearning developers, instructional designers and gamers who are on the eLearning Global Giveback Group on LinkedIn),  many other volunteers have shared their expertise, advice and time with LINGOs and its members this year.

In the past few months alone LINGOs itself has benefitted from:

Instructional Technology graduate students who have interned with LINGOs on projects, from assessing the need and support for a contextualized curriculum for blended and eLearning for NGOs to helping  define the learning objectives and develop the examination question for the PMD Pro certification– we thank Jennifer May and Jenny McAtee from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Sharing marketing knowledge, skill and expertise to help us build our own capacity to clarify and communicate what LINGOs has to offer to potential members, partners and other volunteers – we are grateful to Bryce Johannes.

Facilitating the identification of needs, processes and resources to update LINGOs’ web architecture, to help us better serve our existing members, our potential members and their global staff, to engage partners and volunteers, we thank Celia Bohle, Kevin Kussman and Bryce Johannes.

Introducing us to potential partners, serving as a strategic advisor to a new and relatively small organization, building templates that will be of use to many new members, we thank Ruth Kustoff.

For providing his engaging and interactive virtual classroom training to build the capacity of over 400 humanitarian relief, international development, social justice and conservation workers from the staff of our member organizations so that they can design and deliver engaging virtual classroom training, we are grateful to Greg Davis.

For reviewing and juding the eLearning Global Giveback competition this year, we thank Jane BozarthGreg Davis,   Linda EnglishJane HartJim KlaasPatti Shank, and  Roger Steele.

The individual and corporate Instructional designers, eLearning developers who participated in the eLearning Global Giveback not only contributed the courses they developed, but also mentored and coached individuals and organizations to build their capacity to create their own courses in the future. Many of these courses will benefit not only the global staff of the organizations that received them, but the global staff of other LINGOs member agencies (probably well over 100,000 international development, relief, conservation and social justice workers), but in some cases, such as Amanda Warner’s winning course for ACCION and the Smart Campaign, will benefit anyone working in microfinance.

We are indeed fortunate to have had so many volunteers give LINGOs and our members this tremendous gift of time, expertise and service.

The inside scoop on newly available courses

While still feeling the spark and energy from the recent awards and demo-fest of the 2nd eLearning Global Giveback at the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando, I want to update members on the 50 new courses added to the LINGOs catalog during the first quarter of 2011.

Quite a few of the newly added courses  are from MindLeaders, related to MS Office Upgrades to version 2010 (for Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®), MS SQL Server, as well as on Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. However, there are many courses that are now shared by fellow members – some from Global Giveback 1 (a year ago) and others from this most recent Global Giveback (GG2).

For our many members working in health …

PSI (Population Services International) has shared with the LINGOs community two of its GG2 Finalist courses: A Primer to the Global Fund (developed by veteran Global Giveback Volunteer Bonnie Taylor/ISDiva) and Pretesting Social Marketing Messages (Created by volunteer Kathy Jeep).

Ipas has made available the reproductive health and rights courses from IpasUniversity. Seven titles from IpasU were added. (IpasU is a self-paced learning site on the internet for reproductive health care providers, primarily in the developing world, with a focus on safe abortion care and postabortion care.)

Just before joining LINGOs in March of this year, Jhpiego shared its ModCAL® (Modified Computer-Assisted Learning) for Training Skills, a computer-based knowledge update learning resource. This course is meant for individuals who are service providers and are available and interested in training. It may also be used for pre-service faculty or clinical preceptors.


For those who spend US Government Funds:

ACDI/VOCA’s strategic contribution from the eLearning Global Giveback last year is OMB Circular A-122. It is a very nice tutorial for those responsible for spending USAID funds. Thanks to John Leary at ACDI/VOCA and GG1 volunteers Bonnie Taylor & Lisa Barnstorm for this course!


If you work in teams and/or work to strengthen teams:

Our partner QuickLessons teamed  up with ACDI/VOCA in the 2nd Global Giveback on a great course entitled “How to Design a Team Building Workshop.” This finalist course is packed with great tools and job aids. For more info, see the case study they co-wrote.  And for those developing online courses in teams – please keep QuickLessons in mind as a web-based authoring environment that allows multiple users to work together.

Finance courses – Micro and Personal

ACCION was a big participant in the first and second eLearning Global Giveback.  In both years they had the great fortune to work with instructional designer and developer Amanda Warner on self-paced courses and simulations.  Last year’s finalist course “Build, Manage and Improve Credit” is available for you and your staff as well as this year’s winning course/simulation “Client Protection and Financial Education in Microfinance.”

Values and value

Several agencies have developed courses for their staff and volunteers on their organizational values.  ACCION, Habitat for Humanity both had finalist courses in this year’s global giveback related to their organizational values. You can view both and Save the Children’s course on its “Code of Conduct” on the eLearning Global Giveback Showcase portal.


You can get an overview of the course topics and partners on the LINGOs site under Available Courses (you may be particularly interested in the growing “partner” entitled “sector-specific courses.”   Member Agency key contacts and LMS administrators have the new password to log in and test-drive courses on the LINGOsCatalogportal (that hyperlink will get you there… my apologies for inaccurate prefix on the recent email about the change in username and pw – those were correct).

As always, LMS Administrators who wish to add a course to their Level 2 or Enterprise portals, or to have a SCORM Package dispatched via your SCORM Dispatch subscription, please email support (at) LINGOs.org with the course code and course title (details available on the Catalog Portal).



Remember the eLearning Global Giveback! If you have content ready to adapt for eLearning, mLearning or simulation/game learning, and are a member of LINGOs (or a volunteer who wants to develop resources for LINGOs member agencies), consider the eLearning Global Giveback. Any course developed on a volunteer basis for a LINGOs member agency this year (and submitted by December 16, 2011) is eligible for the competition.

For information on the eLearning Global Giveback3, please click here and join the eLearning Global Giveback Group on LinkedIn (this is not the LINGOs group). The “match” between agency and volunteer is happening this year on LinkedIn.

We’ll chat about new courses and the Global Giveback at the LINGOs Quarterly Update for Members on April 14, 2011. Click here for the details.

Posted by Marian Abernathy

Coaching for Results and Consumer Protection & Financial Education in Microfinance Courses Win in 2nd eLearning Global Giveback Competition

March 24 (Orlando, FL)

Eric Berg, Executive Director of LINGOs thanked all the eLearning volunteers who developed courses for LINGOs members and announced the eight finalists and two winners of the second eLearning Global Giveback Competition today at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo.

Through the first two eLearning Global Giveback competitions, instructional designers and eLearning developers have created over 50 online courses as volunteers for international non-profit organizations. These courses will help the global staff of LINGOs member agencies, do their good work in the fields of humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice even better.

The winner in the individual developer category is Amanda Warner, who created the course “Consumer Protection and Financial Education in Microfinance” for ACCION, a microfinance organization based in Boston. The course launched publically late last month as part of the SMART Campaign. In its first month online, the flash-authored course hosted almost 500 views.   

 Screenshot from Client Protection Simulation


The winning course in the corporate developer category is “Coaching for Results,” created by Illumina Interactive, Inc. and EnVision Performance Solutions, Inc. for LINGOs member Management Sciences for Health, based in Cambridge, MA.  

The Finalists in the second competition in the individual developer category are:

Volunteer Finalist Course Title Agency
Scott A VanDeKeere Code of Conduct Save the Children
Suzanne Davies and Aparna Jadhav HFHI Values in Action Habitat for Humanity International
Mikaron Fortier  and  Kim Correll Managing your Business Expenses at The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy
Kathy Jeep Pretesting Social Marketing Messages Population Services International (PSI)
Susan Lichtig and Rob Gahagan PSI Ethics Training PSI






Finalists in the Corporate Developer category are:

Bonnie Taylor/ISDiva A Primer to the Global Fund PSI
Quicklessons How to Design a Team Building Workshop ACDI/VOCA
WITS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. A Values Driven Workplace – Living Our Values at ACCION ACCION




See the courses

The winning and finalist courses are available for viewing on a showcase portal: http://lingosglobalgiveback.org/

Volunteer and Agency Perspective

This is winner Amanda Warner’s second time participating in the eLearning Global Giveback and her second time partnering with microfinance not-for-profit ACCION, whose mission is to give people the financial tools they need to work their way out of poverty. Her first course, “Build, Manage and Improve Credit” is available online not just to the global staff of ACCION, but to the general public. “It’s so motivating to see the course in action,” said Warner, who estimates she spent between 180 and 210 hours developing this year’s winning course.

“It was great to play with different ideas, and work on a totally different type of content from my day job,” she said. Warner took reams of ACCION’s existing face-to-face course materials, spread sheets, word documents, published guides and other resources and developed a proposal for an engaging, interactive simulation.

ACCION Representative Amy Stewart worked with Warner on this year’s individual winning entry as well as with corporate entry Finalist WITS Interactive, who created a custom-course for ACCION “A Values Driven Workplace – Living Our Values at ACCION.” Stewart is grateful to both developers, and to LINGOs and the eLearning Guild for organizing the competition.  “There is no question that these courses add value to ACCION,” she said.

Jude Griffin of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), the health organization benefitting from the corporate category first place course agreed. “The experience of working with Illumina Interactive and EnVision Performance Solutions was fantastic,” she said. “They took the moodle platform and pulled in other tools. They showed it’s a viable way to use multiple software elements and make a really interactive learning.

Screenshot from pilot version of Coaching for Results Course

This course will help people understand what’s possible.” Michael Getz, of Illumina Interactive noted “the course was a springboard opportunity to push the envelope in terms of learning experience,” he said. “We used a creative approach to the blended learning environment: adding value and content to the core content that MSH provided.” The course is built in moodle, and includes quizzes and engaging interactions through Ariculate, surveys and polls via survey monkey.

Irene Stern Frielich, founder and president of EnVision Performance Solutions, Inc., worked with MSH and Illumina Interactive to develop the instructional design for the course. Speaking for both companies, Frielich said, “we both believe in giving back. This was a great opportunity to demonstrate for MSH some new and interesting ways to create learning.” Getz and Frielich estimate that they and their colleagues spent 475 hours developing the interactive coaching course.


Agencies entered the courses into the competition and provided a first round of judging on ten criteria. The top courses in each category were then sent to an international panel of seven elearning experts based in four countries. The international panel of judges reviewed each of the top courses on eight criteria and selected the top courses from each of the two entry categories. The eLearning Guild and LINGOs are enormously grateful to this year’s panel of judges.

Jane Bozarth, Columnist Learning Solutions Magazine

Greg Davis, Precision eLearning

Linda English, eLearning for Kids

Jane Hart, Center for Learning & Performance Technologies

Jim Klaas, DevEd International

Patti Shank, Learning Peaks

Roger Steele, LINGOs


Quality and impact

Habitat for Humanity Instructional Designer Susan O’Connell worked with volunteers Aparna Jadhav and Suzanne Davies on the course “Habitat for Humanity International Values in Action.” She noted that volunteers are essential to Habitat’s global mission of eliminating poverty housing and homelessness from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. The work of Jadhav and Davies is different from that of the more usual Habitat volunteer, but just as important if not more so, as this course about how Habitat values volunteerism, and how volunteers are integrally tied into Habitat’s mission, is already in use. “I was so impressed with the commitment of these volunteers,” she said. “I’m the only instructional designer here, so the fact that they were so focused and committed allowed me to focus on other work and get twice as much done.”

The eLearning Global Giveback Competition and the value of the great work that eLearning experts have contributed to the member agencies of LINGOs is incalculable. “Ensuring that staff members in our field offices, in geographically remote areas, are able to learn about priority topics for our organization is critical,” said PSI’s Learning and Performance Manager Marie-Laure Curie.  PSI maximized participation in both the first and second Global Giveback competitions, assigning subject matter experts to multiple volunteers to submit nine courses in the second competition. “Global Giveback volunteers have enabled us to provide quality learning on the right topics ant the right time, improving performance of our global team,” said Curie, who also serves on LINGOs’ board of directors.

Posted by Marian Abernathy

LINGOs Partners with OpenSesame

Guest Post by Kelly Meeker, OpenSesame


You all are fortunate and engaged members of a global network – LINGOs – that takes advantage of emerging technologies to connect global resources to a global community.  No longer are the far-flung employees of international nongovernmental organizations disconnected from the latest trends in their industry! LINGOs is doing incredible work to  leverage elearning technology to build global capacity.

And OpenSesame is proud to jump in. As a new startup in the elearning sector, we’re thrilled to partner with LINGOs to connect our technology platform and community of talented elearning developers to you, the learning leaders in international organizations.

The OpenSesame eLearning Marketplace Connects the Buyers and Sellers of Elearning Courses

OpenSesame is an online marketplace that makes it as easy to buy elearning courses as it is to download a song off the internet. eLearning sellers from all over the world upload their courses to the OpenSesame marketplace, set prices and bulk discounts and sell their courses to new customers.

 eLearning buyers browse our catalog by course subject, author, length, difficulty and special features and discover new courses and new authors. Before making a purchase, buyers can preview courses, read user reviews and research the seller’s credentials – ensuring that they’re finding the best courses to meet their organization’s learning and development goals.

In addition to connecting buyers and sellers through OpenSesame, we remove one major headache for learning managers like you by connecting any SCORM course to any LMS. Our platform technology removes obstacles to implementation and enables you to focus on the important stuff, like building connections with colleagues, developing new resources and getting to the core business of what you do – solving problems.

Opening a Larger Conversation

We are also facilitating a larger conversation on the evolving elearning sector on our blog and on Twitter. We’re blogging about everything from technical stuff (Creating a Multi SCO Package to Include Support Materials) to investigating new growth areas in the elearning sector (How to Create a Social Learning Environment). Our mission is to unlock elearning by making elearning accessible and easy to implement, while enabling you to choose the most effective and appropriate courses for your needs. 

Partnership with LINGOs

We’re proud to work with LINGOs to bring more learning and development resources to nongovernmental organizations because we believe elearning is the key to unlocking the potential of every learner, no matter how far away they may be.

We are partnering with LINGOs to engage the OpenSesame community in generating more resources for LINGOs members. First, we’re adding a check box to our course upload process to enable OpenSesame sellers to choose to donate use of their courses to LINGOs members. We’ll work with LINGOs to add those courses to the LINGOs LMS and make them available to members directly through a LINGOs area on our website.

OpenSesame will also join LINGOs and the eLearning Guild  as a co-sponsor to the 3rd Annual Global Giveback competition. This competition brings out the best in the elearning community by connecting willing volunteers with some of the organizations making real change happen on the ground, and we’re proud to invite our sellers to participate.

We hope this is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership that will continue to generate more resources for LINGOs members. Thanks for everything you do. We look forward to working with you, and we invite you to connect with us through our blog, Twitter or email.

eLearning Community Contributes to Global Good



Final stages of the second annual eLearning Global Giveback Competition  are underway. The courses that eLearning designers and developers created for LINGOs member agencies are now with a panel of judges, finalists will be announced shortly and winners will be announced on Thursday March 24 at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo  in Orlando, Florida.

The eLearning Guild (www.eLearningGuild.com) and LINGOs (www.lingos.org) created the eLearning Global Giveback Competition to provide the e-Learning community with an opportunity to help change the world.  International non-profits that do great work in relief, development, conservation and social justice use eLearning to build the capacity of their global staff on the frontlines in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the former Soviet Union.

Instructional designers, e-Learning Developers and other e-Learning experts come together in the Global Giveback to make a real difference in the world by volunteering their expertise in developing state-of-the-art e-Learning to help build the capacity of LINGOs member organizations such as ACCION, ACDI-VOCA, Catholic Relief Services, CARE, Habitat for Humanity, Heifer International, PSI, Save the Children, The Nature Conservancy, and World Vision.

Win or not, participating in the eLearning Global Giveback is a great experience. For LINGOs member agencies, the eLearning community has contributed a huge win and windfall by developing customized, high-quality learning resources for their staff in the far reaches of the world. Staff in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America rarely have the opportunity to access state-of-the-art learning resources, given the costs of time and travel to regional and international training courses. The contribution made by volunteers means that these agencies can both invest in their staff’s development and use the precious financial resources contributed by generous donors to achieve their organizational missions, in responding to crises, such as last year’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, building democratic institutions, fighting corruption, protecting natural resources, and promoting health and human rights around the globe.

For the volunteers, the experience offers an opportunity to give back in meaningful ways, to learn about a new field, try out a new authoring tool, and build a portfolio. “The experience was just awesome,” said Alfredo Leone of Quicklessons who developed a course for LINGOs member ACDI-VOCA. “It’s a great initiative, a great way to get involved and create real value for the community,” he said of the Global Giveback initiative. “John Leary, at ACDI-VOCA picked a topic that meets an underlying need, and we were glad to be able to collaborate.”

To our volunteers, sponsors and partners, the eLearning Guild, LINGOs, and LINGOs member agencies say thank you! And … to help us do a better job, have a request:

If you posted a course for development, if you offered to develop a course, if you did develop a course, if you sponsored the competition by making your learning resources available to volunteers and LINGOs agencies, please take a few minutes and respond to our survey .

We want to learn from the experience and make it even better next time.

End of quarter, end of year reflections and a request to our members

Posted by Marian Abernathy

The end of one calendar year and start of a new is often time for reflection. 2010 has been an active year for LINGOs. To accommodate the needs of our growing membership and evolving needs of our existing members, last summer our board of directors approved a new membership structure. We now have two categories of membership:

  • International NGOs working in three or more developing countries with a primary mission of international development, relief, conservation and/or social justice, and
  • Supporting Member including foundations and associations that support this work, or NGOs with similar missions that work in fewer than 3 developing countries. Supporting Members have a customized package of benefits and membership is subject to board approval.

In addition, we’ve added a new Enterprise Membership to better meet the needs of our largest member agencies who work in a confederation. The Enterprise level makes sense for organizations that have multiple memberships.

We have a number of new courses in the catalog, including:

  • Project Management courses geared toward the Prince 2 Certification
  • Food Security courses in three languages from FAO
  • Multilingual management, human resources, financial management courses from Cegos
  • NGO-developed courses shared by members and other NGOs, including topics on
    • Office ergonomics
    • Several conservation topics
    • Programming mobile devices for health surveys
    • And lots more coming from the Global Giveback Competitions

We also added the following courses, tools and resources to our member benefits this year:

  • a 2-part virtual class on coaching skills from Coaching out of the Box ®
  • FeedbackToGo – which provides real-time, 360-degree feedback on leadership and team development competencies that are behaviorally prescribed
  •  Quicklessons – an online course authoring tool that permits collaboration among multiple developers
  • iMindmap –an organic brain-friendly thinking tool that can be used for brainstorming, project planning, course-mapping
  • SCORM Dispatch which permits member agencies who wish to deploy an LMS other than IntraLearn LMS that comes with your LINGOs membership, yet still have access to the courses in the LINGOs catalog
  • Implementing Partner Portal Option providing members the resources of the LINGOs courses as an element of their capacity building for their developing country, not-for-profit, NGO implementing partners.

LINGOs is growing and members are taking an active role in leading the community in our LinkedIn Group, in person at the member meeting (2011 is in Seattle, Washington!), and through the new and exciting “Virtual Coffee Breaks/Happy Hours.”   Stay up-to-date with news and events by subscribing to LINGOs announcements, the LINGOs Blog, and the LinkedIn Group.

We’ve also taken on the implementation of three project management initiatives (one in southern Africa, another in Haiti, and a third regional project in Latin America). As every single LINGOs member agency manages projects, we are confident that this work will benefit LINGOs member agencies in manners big and small, not the least of which will be the addition of additional capacity at LINGOs (in managing the projects and the LMS) and translation of project management resources in multiple languages.

We are very pleased to offer 2011 membership without an increase in dues. For those of you in decision-making roles, please consider whether your organization is presently a member at the most appropriate level. We’d be happy to talk with you about how we can best serve your organization’s needs.

And finally, a request: we continue to strive toward our vision that anyone who works in international development, relief, conservation and social justice has access to world-class learning at little or no cost. We seek your input in our annual member satisfaction survey to better identify your learning-related needs, how well we met them this past year,  and what you’d ideally like to see in the future in your LINGOs membership. Please complete our annual member satisfaction survey before the end of this calendar year. To launch the survey, please click here or on: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LINGOs2010MemberSatisfaction

We hope to see you at our upcoming Quarterly Update webinar on Thursday, December 16 from 11am – noon Eastern time.  In addition to having a bit of fun over Elluminate Live!, we’ll share with you the latest news on:

  • New Courses (there are lots!)
  • 3rd quarter data on learning
  • eLearning Global Giveback
  • Report from the Language Task Force
  • Report from our Curriculum Project Interns
  • Give an update on the new Project Management Projects and some of the resources they bring to LINGOs members
  • The virtual coffee breaks (the refreshments are the least of it!)

 Please accept our best wishes for a new year filled with learning and professional development for you and your staff; and a healthier, more peaceful and just world for all.

Eric, Marian, Mike, Robb, Ana Raquel, Joey, Roger, Tyler, and Martha

The LINGOs Team