Synchronous Learning Systems – 2008

Recently, one of the more frequent requests LINGOs receives from its members is assistance in developing a synchronous learning strategy for the organization.   One of the best sources of information on this topic is from LINGOs’ partner, The E-Learning Guild

sls 2008 coverThis week, the Guild published “Synchronous Learning Systems:  Benchmarks, Best Practices, and Real-Time Analysis about Real-Time Learning.”  Available for download to Guild Members who are logged on to the site (LINGOs member agencies receive one free Premium Membership to the e-Learning Guild) – this 150+page report includes survey data from 1,500 Guild members who share their experiences on:

  • What do users that report a very good ROI do differently from everybody else?
  • What do users that are able to deliver learning that is as effective as good face-to-face classroom instruction do differently from everyone else?
  • What is the total cost-of-ownership for a particular SLS?  What is the industry average?
  • Are your needs and priorities in alignment with your peers that work in similar organizations?
  • This data provides valuable base-line information for organizations as they develop synchronous on-line strategies and allow synchronous facilitators the opportunity to compare their practices to those of industry leaders. 

    Futhermore, the e-Learning Guild will host a webinar on June 19th (11:30-12:30 EDT) that will present on the findings in the report and provide opportunities for exchange on these findings.  Register to attend the webinar via the following link or visit the Guild website to access the event recording (you do not need to be a Guild member to attend the webinar or view the recording.)

    REMINDER – A cornerstone of successful on-line synchronous strategies is ensuring that moderators are trained in the design and faciltiation of on-line courses.  Anyone interested in developing these skills is invited to attend the next session of the LINGOs On-Line Virtual Mastery Series.  To register for the course, visit the following links:  1.  Designing a Virtual Class and 2:  Facilitating and Managing a Virtual Class

    Learning Resources for On-Line Synchronous Training

    In the last Learning Tools Blog post, I presented statistics illustrating the rapid pace at which LINGOs member organizations have adopted Elluminate Live for on-line synchronous training.  One of the ways LINGOs supports agencies as they adopt synchronous on-line learning, is through our work with the Elluminate company to identify a variety of learning resources that enhance the capacity of staff who attend and lead on-line synchronous training. 

    These learning resources fall into the following general categories:

    Elluminate Live! Participants can visit the Elluminate Support Site

    • to complete an  on-line orientation program
    • to view the recorded Elluminate Participant training webinar
    • to access quick reference guides and tools
    •  to check their system configuration compatibility for the Elluminate product.

    Elluminate Moderators can

    On-Line Curriculum Designers and On-Line Facilititors

    ·      Can attend LINGOs’ On-line Virtual Mastery Series which introduces best practices for designing and facilitating courses in the on-line synchronous environment.

    Elluminate Troubleshooting is another area in which moderators will inevitably need to develop skills.  As a frequent moderator of Elluminate sessions, many times I have found myself In the position where a participant is unable  to fully participate in an event due to problems with bandwidth, audio, Java plug-ins, systems compatibility and/or firewalls.  To address these challenges, Elluminate moderators need to develop skills to identify and address some of the most common problems encountered when when managing on-line events. 

    Over the next six months, LINGOs and Elluminate are collaborating closely to develop troubleshooting resources that help moderators analyze and resolve these challenges.  As one of the first steps in this process, LINGOs will host a webinar on June 12, 2008, entitled Are You a Skilled Elluminate TroubleShooter?  (for details on this event click hereThis webinar is  highly recommended to all Elluminate Moderators, as it will include a number of practical tips that can be used immediately. 

    In addition to the upcoming webinar, Elluminate has documented solutions to the most frequently occurring technical problems on their Help Desk Website  and LINGOs is documenting the most useful troubleshooting tips on its  Elluminate Workspace.




    LINGOs’ partner, Outstart, is hosting a Live Webcast: Rapidly Developing e-Courses with Impact, Using OutStart Trainer.  The Trainer authoring tool provides the capacity to develop rich learning content without programming; with the potential to easily add Flash, audio, video or streaming media and more. 

    June 10th, 1:30 p.m. Eastern (EDT) REGISTER TODAY

    Take your Elluminate Recordings off-line with Elluminate Publish!

    New Page 2

    If you are like me, I would expect you don’t spend a lot of time
    reviewingt data charts embedded in quarterly reports.  However, I do
    want to highlight a table from the
    LINGOS Q1-2008 Report
    (click cancel if you are prompted for a
    password) that documents the rise in usage of Elluminate Live! over the
    past two years. Between January and March, 2008, nearly 3,500 people attended
    events on the Elluminate platform.  This is an outstanding feat on
    its own, but when you recognize that just two years earlier, less than
    1,000 people attended synchronous on-line events over the entire
    calendar year, this progress is especially impressive.

    statistics underscore the rapid adoption on-line synchrronous
    communication technologies among international NGOs.  This is why I
    will be devoting several posts over the coming month to Elluminate-related
    issues.  Next week, I will focus on the skills reguired to become
    an expert Elluminate trouble-shooter (stay tuned for this especially
    important post.)  This week, however, I will focus on a relatively
    new product named Elluminate Publish!

    Elluminate Publish! allows users to convert your Elluminate Live! recordings into
    formats that no longer require a web connection.  For example, you
    can create standalone recordings that can be sent to your learners
    around the world via CD-ROM, e-mail attachments or loaded as files to
    your intranet – no more wondering whether your user in Swaziland has the
    bandwidth to view your session recording off of the server. 
    Furthermore, you create audio podcasts in just seconds from any recorded
    Elluminate Live! session and store them on your content management
    system, portal, or website.

    One of the
    many ways that the Elluminate company supports teh work of LINGOs member
    agencies is by providign access to to Elluminate Publish! licenses at
    the considerably reduced price of $50 dollars.  For more information,
    visit the
    Elluminate Publish!
    section of the LINGOs website.

    Next Week:  Becoming an Expert Troubleshooter in Elluminate LIve!