This is a guest post by PM4NGOs

The Alan Harpham Award honors and recognizes an individual with distinguished actions in promoting the professionalization of project management in the international development and humanitarian sectors. The selected winner demonstrates not only leadership in advocating for project management professionalization within the sector but also in making it available to those who are most in need and to a range of stakeholders in the sector such as community-based organizations or local NGOs. The award is named in honor of Alan Harpham, former Board Member of PM4NGOs and Chairman of APMG, and a global citizen dedicated to making this sector and community a better place.

PM4NGOs and APMG are delighted to announce that the recipient of the Alan Harphamapmg-winner-2016 Award in 2016 is Mazen Housseiny, Head of Programs at Syria Relief.

Alan would have appreciated the encouragement and affirmation this gives Mazen Housseiny, a worthy recipient who is doing some excellent work to support people living and working in extremely difficult circumstances. I wish him well in this creative venture”, says Revd Di Harpham (Alan’s wife).

Mazen has worked with a number of Syrian capacity-building NGOs to conduct the PMD Pro training to a variety of aid workers not only based in Turkey but also for those that are working on the Northern side of Syria. Many of those training sessions were free of charge to support the CBOs that have limited funding to send their staff to such training. His work has targeted the aid workers that are working in the besieged areas in Syria (e.g. Rural Damascus, North of Homs and Aleppo) through webinar and Skype sessions. Those trainings have encouraged other Syrian capacity-building NGOs to establish training centers inside Syria and to increase the efforts that they are doing there compared with the same that are done in Turkey.

During his previous work with Save the Children and CARE, he has supported the partners through PMD Pro 1 training sessions and after the training with developing appropriate tools from the PMD Pro. One of those tools is the Detailed Implementation Plan which combines both RACI and Gantt chart that are part of the PMD Pro Guide. This development in the tool has supported the partners by ensuring who is responsible and who is accountable for each and every activity mentioned in the DIP. This has minimized the misunderstanding between the project team themselves and ensured that the right people are conducting and following up on their tasks and activities. The impact on the project progress was very helpful for both the Local NGOs as well as their international partners.

Mazen is now working as Head of Programs with a Syrian Diaspora NGO called Syria Relief which is based in the UK and only responding to the Syrian Crises. Almost all of the program manager and project managers of this organization has attended the PMD Pro 1. Below you will find images from Mazen’s current work and Syria Relief project’s activities.


We at PM4NGOs as well as the team of APMG International congratulate Mazen Housseiny and wish him all the very best in the future to succeed in the field of project management for NGOs.

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