This is a guest post by Laura Musoke, Staff Developer at World Renew.

The Global Learning Forum (GLF) this year gave me so many great ideas – some to implement right away, some to continue working on, and some I’m eagerly waiting to put into action when the right opportunity comes along.  I’ve never been to a conference where I’ve had so many takeaways!

I immediately applied ideas coming from fellow GLF participants:

  • Thank you, Laura Alvin (Opportunity International), for narrowing my search for micro-finance training.
  • Thank you, Emily Fereday (RedR), for “state of the industry” information on competency frameworks (found the certification rubric you shared particularly helpful), and
  • Clarice Gathura (Forum Syd), I just couldn’t wait to introduce you to our staff in Kenya who are working on similar peace-building programs (and long-live your mobile training for community volunteers!).

I’m still processing Julian Stodd’s presentation on the social age. LINGOs’ Exploring Social Learning MOOC has been a helpful next step. I just might try refreshing our staff’s understanding of Asset-Based Community Development through a social learning approach next year.

Chris Ernst’s interactive training on the Boundary Spanning Leadership tactics was brilliant.  Collaboration skills are essential in international NGO work. What a gift he’s given us in sharing a re-usable presentation! Now, I’m scouting the right opportunity to use it (by the way, you can buy the cards at

Kristin Hibler’s Improv Lab – what a hilarious, disarming way to get people engaged in working together. I’ll be sharing the improv warm-up activities at our next team meeting – both for team reflection and as a new facilitation tool we can all use.

And my last eager idea: a Mini Hackathon.  After participating, I could see real possibilities in this approach for how we handle our global meetings. What if we flipped our meetings so that decisions were made virtually ahead of time; and meeting time was spent on everyone pooling their ideas of how to best implement the decision across the organization. There would be ownership for the implementation and communication  because the right people participated in deciding how it could best be done.

I decided to pitch the idea to our senior management (here is the proposal I used). They turned down my pitch (no agenda items that would work as a mini-hackathon). But, they also thanked me for the hackathon pitch, because it had them reconsidering their whole agenda to ensure they were making the most of face-to-face meeting time for interaction and problem-solving together.

It took me several hours to put “the pitch” together, so I thought I would share it with the LINGOs community in case anyone else would like to try pitching it to their organization. While we flip classrooms, we can also flip meetings for more productivity and ownership.  If you do use “the pitch”, I’d love to hear what happens. I still haven’t given up on World Renew, I know there’s a hackable agenda item out there somewhere.

Do you have any GLF ideas you’ve applied or are scouting opportunities for?  Please tell us about them in the comments section below.


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