A guest post by John Cropper, Director of Capacity Building Solutions at LINGOs.

In September, we launched our first pilot of PMD Pro Flex – a self-paced, facilitated, moderated, virtual and social way to learn PMD Pro. What’s happened since then?


The pilot went so well that we are already running another group which started at the end of October and have a third group planned for December. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here are a few snapshots from the current course, which is now in its second week:

Promising engagement


Over 800 learning objects have been viewed. This means that participants are actively engaging in eLearning by watching videos and reading course materials.

Social learning in action


So far, a total of 194 comments were posted. These comments are responses to discussions about the course and learning activities that people have been participating in. It also means we’re seeing real and valuable social learning in action.

Encouraging feedback from participants

As the first PMD Pro Flex course came to a close last week, we asked participants from our pilot run to share their feedback:

“It is amazing initiative”.

“I think the potential is really there to leverage the platform for PMD Pro Learning”. 

“It’s a combination of personal interaction found in the classroom space and self-paced interactive space for those that thrive working on their own. And they have combined these two very well”. 

“This seems really interesting, I like the bit of earning experience points after every comment posted”. 

“I have been working in this field of online learning for a long time, and I am so impressed by what Curatr is offering in terms of the richness of collaboration and the simplicity of the interface”. 

The benefit of learning with others

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I think that these comments are really encouraging. As a facilitator, it is very rewarding to see people from around the world interact like this on their own terms and at their own pace. Some of the interaction I have seen, rivals or in some cases are even better than what I have observed in some classroom settings. It feels as if I am getting the best of both worlds – a group that is independently working together and at the same time, one that also benefits from the one-to-one interactions with me (the facilitator) if needed.

As a facilitator, I also have access to a whirlwind of information about what is happening within in the group at all times – time for another picture.


Each blue dot represents a participant. I guess you could say that participants can run but they can’t hide! I can see exactly what participants are doing, if people are falling behind, who is doing well and use that information to nudge and interact with participants if necessary.

I can also feature people’s contributions to encourage the gamification aspect of the course. The more a participant does, the more points he or she gets. This provides a friendly element of competition and participants can easily assess where they stand in respect to other participants.

What’s next for Flex?

It’s still early days but I think that the start of PMD Pro Flex has been incredibly positive. We have developed a way to help organizations reach scale and get a critical mass of people learning PMD Pro. Organizations can now train any and all staff and partners that need to learn and build their project management skills. And we can do all of this with zero travel costs and at between 20%-35% of the cost of face-to-face or blended training – depending on the number of participants.

Join us for round three

Registration is now open for our third PMD Pro Flex course which begins December 5, 2016. Join us and build your or your staff’s project management skills while leveraging on the flexibility and engagement that comes with social learning.


PMD Pro Flex is only available in English at the moment, but will be launched in more languages in the coming months – namely French, Portuguese and Spanish with Arabic to follow suit.


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