This post was originally published on Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s blog.

The PMDPro Starter Toolkit is a mobile responsive website that has been created by LINGOs, working together with Plan International, PM4NGOs and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. It aims to extend access to the tools and techniques of professional project management to small national and local NGOs.

Watch this video to learn more about the toolkit:

LINGOs also developed PMDPro, a project management qualification for the development/humanitarian sector. The PMDPro courses have been made available on our learning platform kaya and are suitable for humanitarians and development professionals of any level of seniority, who would like to develop their project management skills:

Another certification called FMD Pro (Financial Management for Development Professionals) is currently under development. It aims to improve the impact of humanitarian organisations by building the skills of non-financial managers who run their projects.

As Atish Gonsalves, our Global Learning Director, explained, “While technical skills are critical for humanitarian aid workers, an equal if not greater focus must be placed on developing their professional skills — namely the non-technical skills needed to effectively manage projects, programmes and resources, and work with others in high-stress environments.”

Collaboration is at the heart of the Academy’s vision. Making existing learning more accessible is one of our key objectives and we are therefore very pleased to partner with LINGOs to make Project Management tools available to all humanitarians.

Note: While all the resources to learn PMDPro are free, the PMDPro exam is not available on Kaya. You can find it on the APMG website and you will need to pay the PMDPro exam fees to become a certified PMDPro project manager. Exam fees are on a sliding scale starting as low as $20USD (£16).



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