LINGOs Partner Spotlight: Delivering Learning Everywhere with NetDimensions

For international NGOs working in multiple regions, the ties that bind are often virtual. “eLearning is the biggest component of our learning and development approach,” says Pauline Rooney, operations systems officer at GOAL Global, a humanitarian organization currently working in 17 countries. “And our learning management system is at the center of our eLearning, where we gather, measure, and share information.”

The learning management system (LMS) that GOAL uses is a custom system from NetDimensions, based on its award-winning NetDimensions Learning platform. Through NetDimensions’ generous partnership with LINGOs, a consortium of international development, humanitarian, and conservation organizations, GOAL and LINGOs’ 80+ other members can access the NetDimensions LMS at no cost. And for LINGOs member nonprofits, the ability to freely share courses and information with global staff through the online portal is a windfall. Last year, 22,000 NGO staff (representing 80 of LINGOs’ member organizations) accessed eLearning through the NetDimensions LMS.

“Quite simply, most of our members wouldn’t be able to access distance learning without NetDimensions’ incredible donation,” says Ross Coxon, LINGOs’ Director of the Learning Collaborative.  “NetDimensions’ LMS is foundational to our members’ online learning strategies, and foundational to how LINGOs functions as a learning community.” It’s no wonder, then, that NetDimensions was named LINGOs’ 2015 Partner of the Year at its annual Global Learning Awards.

For NetDimensions’ part, the partnership with LINGOs makes its technology instantly available to nonprofits that need it, says Rob Torio, Senior Corporate Communications Manager at NetDimensions. “We participate in the UN Global Compact and abide by its ten principles, including a commitment to corporate social responsibility. Partnering with LINGOs is a great way to share that commitment.”

Michelle Sullivan, North America Marketing Director at NetDimensions, points out that LINGOs members share many learning needs with NetDimensions’ for-profit clients. “A lot of our business is working with organizations in high-consequence industries, where they have a critical need for training and data management, or risk a shutdown of business, stoppage of revenue, or loss of life. Many LINGOs member organizations deliver services that are lifesaving, or work in war-torn and underdeveloped areas. So you certainly have to make sure that all the learners in these efforts are properly trained.”

For Heifer International, an organization working against hunger and poverty in approximately 30 countries, the value of the NetDimensions LMS is clear. “If we can train ourselves more effectively, we can achieve greater impact in the communities we serve,” says Diane Ries, senior Talent Development Specialist at Heifer. “The LMS that NetDimensions provides has allowed us to reach a large number of people in a cost-effective way, and deliver a consistent message through training. It’s also given us a great way to invest in our staff.”

For more information on the incredible LMS offered to LINGOs members through the partnership with NetDimensions, please email


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