Principled Technologies Develops New Course Templates for LINGOs Members

LINGOs, a learning consortium of 80+ international development, aid, and conservation organizations, and Principled Technologies, an award-winning provider of custom learning solutions and fact-based marketing, are excited to announce the release of several specialized elearning course templates for LINGOs members.

Principled Technologies (PT) designed and customized the templates as a pro bono solution for LINGOs member organizations. Based on PT’s success with HTML5 learning solutions and content design for reuse, the templates are compatible with Storyline, an elearning authoring tool that Articulate provides to LINGOs members.

Having worked with LINGOs members in the past on custom learning projects, the team at PT understood their need for branded, professional learning that they could develop affordably and deploy anywhere. “We’ve built relationships with LINGOs member organizations and recognize they have a real need for engaging learning they can create themselves,” says Tracy Bissette Huckabee, a leader in learning services at PT.

After a focus group with LINGOs members, the PT team settled on the specialized templates as a way to support the entire LINGOs community. “Many organizations use Storyline, so we came up with a few things they couldn’t do out of the box with the program,” says Michelle Thacher, an instructional designer at Principled Technologies.

Principled Technologies’ award-winning team of developers and instructional designers developed three sets of templates, each with custom color palettes, that allow users to create engaging, appealing elearning in just a few clicks. They designed the templates to load seamlessly, even in low-bandwidth areas, making them adaptable tools for development, aid, and conservation organizations working around the world.

Principled Technologies’ partnership with LINGOs is ideal for the NGO community, says Ross Coxon, Director of the Learning Collaborative at LINGOs.  “It’s an example of high-end private sector development being freely given to help those with more constrained resources make a difference in the world,” he says. “These templates allow LINGOs members to design elearning interactions that are not only quick to build but also top quality.”

For more information about Principled Technologies and the range of award-winning learning solutions that it offers, please visit



LINGOs is a consortium of 80+ international development, humanitarian aid, and conservation organizations, representing over 200,000 staff and local partners worldwide. Through collaboration and private-sector partnerships, LINGOs delivers appropriate, affordable, and accessible learning and capacity building solutions to any organization working to make a difference. Learn more about LINGOs, its membership network, and its training, capacity building and consulting services at


About Principled Technologies

Principled Technologies (PT) provides industry-leading learning content design and development services as well as fact-based marketing and technology assessment services. PT has years of experience creating elearning courses in a variety of industries as well as testing, marketing, and creating training for the latest enterprise and consumer technologies. The unique PT approach answers a critical need in corporate training: a single partner with multiple teams of instructional designers, writers, designers, multi-media producers, and technical subject matter experts – all under one roof. PT is based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park region.


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