First Day Message from LINGOs new CEO Chris Proulx


Dear LINGOs community,

Today is my first day as the new CEO of LINGOs. I am honored to have been selected to follow in the footsteps of LINGOs co-founder and CEO for the past ten years, Eric Berg. I appreciated the opportunities over the summer where a number of you discussed your work with me, and shared your hopes and aspirations for LINGOs moving forward to help jump start my learning and on-boarding process. I have also benefited from significant interaction with Eric and the rest of the LINGOs team to help prepare me for this day.

During that time, I heard from many of you about your goals of expanding access to more in-country staff, the challenges of limited resources for learning and development, and the need to always be advocating and raising the awareness of the benefits of effective learning inside your organizations, and in the sector. I believe there will be many opportunities for LINGOs to help members address those challenges by continuing to enhance and improve the services and tools available from our private sector partners. It is also critically important that we continue to expand the contextually relevant programs that we co-create with the sector like PMDPro which has had broad reach in just a few short years. Such a program underscores that a significant component of LINGOs’ value is derived from our structure as a consortium. So, I look forward to engaging you as a group in the year ahead in ways that we can act together to continue making progress in ensuring that all staff have access to the tools, content, and professional community that will enable them to develop the skills to be more effective in their jobs and in their own context.

I am ready to roll-up my sleeves and work along side you and the LINGOs team to continue the spirit of service and innovation that has made LINGOs a success. I welcome your ideas and input through the LINGOs LinkedIN group and at If you have not already connected with me on LinkedIN, please also send me an invite. I am looking forward to our annual member meeting in Portland in November where we can have continued and extended dialogue about how, together, we can continue to expand upon our collective success in providing accessible, relevant, and effective learning opportunities for international development, humanitarian, and conservation professionals.

P.S. For those of our UK and European members who are not able to make the trip to Portland, I hope to be in London in January and look forward to arranging a session with many of you then.

Chris Proulx
President and CEO

+1 607-279-2236
Skype: chris.proulx01

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