Sneak Peak at a Global Giveback Resource for LINGOs Members

Posted by Gus Curran, LINGOs Member Services Manager

The LINGOs Member Services and Last Mile Learning teams are thrilled to give you a sneak peak of a new course “Influencing without Authority.”

As you know, ‘Influencing without authority’ is a key skill for project-workers in the field, who often have to deal with delicate situations. Professional instructional designers and developers from Unicorn Training in the UK worked with Last Mile Learning to bring this content to life, contextualizing it for our sector. Samantha Yates of Unicorn Training recently posted about her experience creating a course for LINGOs through the Global Giveback program a the Unicorn Training Blog.

Click on the image of Katoa to access course demo

Samantha brought great creativity, interactivity and context to the scenario-driven course.  On arrival in the fictional province of Katoa, the learner is immediately immersed in the story of Maria, an aid project worker attempting to find her way through the maze of politics, conflicts and challenges associated with her development project.

Using an interactive map, the learner follows Maria through four topics, helping her to make decisions along the way so that her project can be completed successfully. You can read more about and access a sneak peak of the course via the Unicorn Training Blog.

LINGOs Members, stay tuned for an announcement of the release of this fabulous course by Sam Yates of Unicorn Training.


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at a Global Giveback Resource for LINGOs Members

  1. Excellent work! Congratulations to all of the project team for pulling together such a creative and well-executed eLearning module. It does a very good job of creating a learning space that emulates the real working environment. Would love to hear how the learners respond to it following its launch.

    Quick question about Articulate though–how did you manage to launch it without the player surrounding the actual presentation? I was trying to do that for a recent client but couldn’t figure it out. Can you share the magic? I’d be grateful.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for your feedback! We really enjoyed putting this course together.

    RE: the player template: Assuming you are working in Storyline, your first step is to turn off the extra settings in the player menu – click on it from the home tab and ‘de-select’ the features such as title, menu, resources, volume etc. You can always add these in again later via your own customised buttons if you need to. You then need to go in to the slide properties (located in the right hand layers/triggers tool bar at the bottom – it’s a little cog/wheel icon), where you can remove the navigation buttons. Et voila! This should give you a nice blank canvas to create your own navigation and remove the player around your course.

    I hope this helps – feel free to contact me via linkedin if you need any further info. Alternatively, there are some great tutorials on the elearning community section of the articulate website to help you customise the colours, features and settings.
    ( )

    Good luck and have fun!

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