What do members say is the best benefit of LINGOs membership?

Is it ..

  • The hosted Learning Management System, supported by LINGOs Technical Wizards Robb and Joey?
  • The premium membership in the eLearning Guild — which includes a registration to one of the three superb live-conferences?
  • The hundreds of courses from award-winning content providers on topics ranging from IT certifications and the latest MS Office applications, to leadership and management, finance, learning a new language or a variety of sector-specific content for development professionals?
  • One of the four rapid eLearning authoring platforms to create custom content for their agencies?
  • Access to cutting edge consulting on contextualized Project Management capacity building?
  • The opportunity to collaborate with a team of learning experts in the creation of contextualized learning resources that will be appropriate, affordable, and available in multiple languages and multiple modes to their global staff and counterparts through LINGOs’ new Last Mile Learning program?

In fact, many members say that the benefit of greatest value for them is belonging to a community of professionals who are facing similar challenges and circumstances, and learning from one another.

While the vibrant and growing LINGOs LinkedIn group is a helpful platform for community discussion; our virtual Baristas Shannon Cavallari from PATH and Catriona Moriarty from Conservation International serve up regular jolts of gourmet learning buzz at the Virtual Coffee Breaks; and Susan O’Connell from Habitat for Humanity International facilitates amazing vDemo-fests that keep us coming back for more, there’s nothing like the face-to-face interaction and community of the LINGOs Member Meeting.

  2012 Member Meeting  – Here Before You Know It!

  November 28-29 with optional workshops on Nov 30

The LINGOs 2012 Member Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 and 29, with optional workshops on November 30 in Washington, DC.  The LINGOs team is working to put together a great meeting that maximizes the valuable opportunity of face-to-face interaction. We’re looking at the discussions on the LinkedIn group; the virtual coffees and demofests; the buzziest sessions from the eLearning Guild and ASTD; not to mention your calls, emails and skypes to the LINGOs team. But we want to hear from you directly as we put together the sessions, speakers and social events that meet the needs of the members who plan to attend.

What would you like to learn about at the 2012 LINGOs Member Meeting?

  • Best practices for strengthening employee engagement with learning
  • Using learning data to build our program
  • Applying game theory or “gamification” for organizational learning
  • Building capacity in leaders and managers through Virtual Coaching
  • Organizational Approaches to building capacity in project management
  • Strengthening knowledge management within my organization
  • Buzz, Blend and Bandwidth – platforms for communities of practice
  • Moodle: what does it take to get started, examples from other member agencies
  • Building a comprehensive leadership training program: inputs, outcomes, costs and key lessons
  • Maximizing knowledge management and organizational efficiency with sharepoint: how member organizations have leveraged this platform
  • Getting started with designing and developing custom eLearning for a global NGO: lessons, tips from fellow members
  • Scaling up learning for global impact
  • New Member Orientation – are you or your organization new to LINGOs? Learn what it’s all about, and get an overview of the benefits and how to leverage them.

If you are planning to attend, or considering it, and you work with a LINGOs member agency, please do your part to make the meeting what you need it to be. Take a few moments to respond to this short survey now: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2012LINGOs-meeting-plan

In the meantime, please plan to join the community for

  • Another “priceless” session with Mike Culligan — virtual demo fest: July 12  This is your chance look “under the hood” of the Last Mile Learning course prototype, “Coaching for Results”  To learn more from Mike and about how your organization can benefit from Last Mile Learning. Register now: http://july2012demofest.eventbrite.com Open to all.
  • LMS Admin Q&A: July 17  Get tips and tricks for managing your LMS! Register to participate in the 3rd Quarterly LMS Administrator Community Q&A session. (For LINGOs Member LMS Administrators only)               Register: http://lingos-lms-july17.eventbrite.com
  • LINGOs Mid-Year Update: July 18  Please join LINGOs for a mid-year update to learn more about plans for the member meeting, the latest on LIN Last Mile Learning, and Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro), recent additions to the list of member benefits, plans for 2013 and more!  Please register now for this one-hour virtual event: http://lingos071812.eventbrite.com

Have NGO colleagues in Nairobi? Let them know about two LINGOs events July 10 and 11.

Half-day workshops and focus groups on Last Mile Learning’s Coaching course and key Project Management Tools:

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