Announcing Global Giveback 2012

Posted by Mike Culligan

Over the past three years, the volunteers from the eLearning community have generously shared their skills, creativity and time with the member agencies of LINGOs through the Global Giveback program. Together, teams of learning professionals and NGO staff have developed approximately 90 courses in topics as diverse as Tuberculosis therapy, microfinance, risk management, leadership and much more.

As Global Giveback enters its fourth year, LINGOs is excited to introduce important changes intended to increase the participation and impact of the program.  These changes fall into four categories:  theme, audience, format and process.

Theme:  “People Management.”  For the first time, all GG2012 developed courses will focus on a single theme:  People Management. This is a topic that has been consistently prioritized by our member agencies and which is in high demand among development practitioners around the world.

Global Giveback 2012 aims to develop 18 courses related to people management that include topics like leading teams, performance managements, new managers skills, and more.  The courses will be contextualized to the development/relief sector and will be designed so that learners can follow a learning path that leads to a certificate in people management.

Format:  “e-Learning …   … and more!”  Each course developed for GG2012 will include materials in four format

  • Self-led format:  e-learning content that can be accessed via the internet (or shared via CD-ROM) that allows people to learn, practice, apply and assess new skills.
  • Face-to-Face format:  curricular guides that allow facilitators to lead workshops.
  • Facilitated On-line Synchronous format:  curricular guides and slide decks that allow facilitators to lead classes in an on-line virtual classroom.
  • Facilitated On-line Asynchronous format:  curricular guides and support materials that allow facilitators to instruct groups via on-line communities and discussion rooms.  This format is most useful in situations where individuals want to learn in a group but only have intermittent access to the internet or are unable to attend regularly scheduled meetings.

Audience:  “Benefiting the Global NGO Community.” All Global Giveback 2012 content will be developed with the intent of sharing it widely and freely with the Global NGO community.    Courses will be developed with the intent of ensuring that the learning content benefits not just for one agency (or a collection of LINGOs member agencies), but for all the people and organizations working to reduce poverty and alleviate suffering.

If any LINGOs member agency wants to customize Global Giveback 2012 content to its organization, source files for the content will be made available.  These files can be updated with organization specific logos, colors, scenarios or new content.

Process:  More “Giveback”; less “Competition”: During the first three years of the Global Giveback program, the event was run as a competition. Courses were assessed by a judge’s panel and evaluated according to criteria of effectiveness, inventiveness and creativity.  In the end, however, the biggest winners of the Global Giveback program have always been the staff of the organizations who have been able to access world class learning resources that would have otherwise been out of their reach.  This year, the global giveback wants to acknowledge all of the great organizations that are giving back to GG2012.  Rather than submit each course for review in the context of a formal “competition,” all the courses will be acknowledged through their inclusion in the LINGOs Global Giveback Showcase.

How to participate

The development of each GG2012 course will be led by a LINGOs member organization that will coordinate the work of volunteers.  Together the organization and the volunteers will form a team that develops content in each of the four GG2012 formats.

–       LINGOs’ member organizations who are interested in coordinating the development of a GG2012 course should contact Mike(at)

–       Individuals interested in volunteering to develop GG2012 content should visit the Global Giveback 2012 Linked In Group and post their interest, skills and availability to the site.


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