3 Ways to Identify Inspiring Ideas from Global Giveback 3

Posted by Mike Culligan, LINGOs Director of Content and Impact

It’s awards season once again!  No, not the Grammys, the Oscars or Golden Globes – but the Global Giveback Competition, where the cream of the crop of custom courses developed for the humanitarian sector are showcased and recognized.

One of the reasons why the Global Giveback Competition is especially exciting is because it provides the opportunity to identify inspiring ideas for developing eLearning in our sector.  This year is no exception!  The competition finalists include a wide array of learning approaches (simulation, immersive environments, mobile learning, readiness assessments and more.)

So, if you are in the market for fresh ideas, here are three ways you can learn more about the courses your colleagues at other agencies are developing through the Global Giveback Competition:

  • Attend the eLearning Guild Learning Solution Conference –Winners of the GG3 competition will be announced live at the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo (Orlando, March 21-23) and GG3 course demonstrations will be provided during the LINGOs Learning Showcase event. 
    :  LINGOs member agencies receive one paid attendance for an eLearning Guild event, so be sure to join Eric Berg, Marian Abernathy and others from the LINGOs learning community  as they learn fresh ideas and new ideas for high impact learning.
  • The GG3 LMS Showcase –  All Global Giveback 3 finalists will be posted to the LINGOs Learning Management System on March 22nd.  If you can’t wait until then, be sure to visit the course showcases from Global Giveback 1 and Global Giveback 2!
  • The LINGOS On-Line DemoFest – Each month (more or less) LINGOS hosts an on-line DemoFest event that digs deep into the design and development approaches used to create LINGOs member agency courses.  This year, a number of events will look at courses developed in GG3.  The first finalist course will be FHI 360’s simulation on IPT Therapy for HIV and Tuberculosis.  This webinar will be held on March 8th and will be led by FHI 360’s Paige Winn and Course Developer, GG2 Winner, Amanda Warner.  To learn more about the March 8th event and other LINGOs On-Line DemoFest events, be sure to sign up to the LINGOs LinkedIn Community so that you receive updates on events as they are announced.

And finally, an important update about Global Giveback4.  Already a number of LINGOs member agencies have expressed interest in connecting with volunteers to develop  courses for next year’s competition.  The good news is “It’s never too early to start!”  If you are with a LINGOs member agency interested in developing courses or a learning professional interested in volunteering your talents, be sure to sign up for the Global Giveback LinkedIn Community.  The conversation is already underway, and we look forward to receiving more great submissions in December, 2012.


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