Over the past couple of years, LINGOs has spoken with several member agencies regarding their desire to utilize a learning management system (LMS) other than the LMS portal provided as part of LINGOs membership.  Although LINGOs doesn’t require member agencies to use a particular LMS, access to content in the LINGOs Catalog has not been available outside the LMS portal provided with membership…until now.

About nine months ago, LINGOs began working with our partner Rustici Software, to develop an LMS-agnostic solution which would allow LINGOs to retain full control of content available in the LINGOs Catalog while allowing the member agencies that prefer to use another LMS (such as Cornerstone on Demand, Moodle, PeopleSoft ELM, etc.) the ability to access content from the LINGOs Catalog.  In March 2010, LINGOs sent an email to member agencies regarding the plans for the new product. In May 2010, four agencies (Catholic Relief Services, Population Services International, Save the Children US, and The Nature Conservancy) began beta testing the new product.  On July 19, LINGOs released the new into production.


The product, called SCORM Dispatch, allows LINGOs to provide very tiny SCORM 1.2 course packages to a member agency that can be loaded into the member agency’s SCORM 1.2-conformant LMS of choice.  Once loaded, the course package appears as just another course within the member agency’s LMS catalog.  The member agency has the ability to enroll users and control access to the course within their LMS.  Content for the LINGOs Catalog courses still resides at LINGOs.

When an enrolled user clicks on the course within his or her agency’s LMS, the SCORM Dispatch course package connects to SCORM Dispatch, authenticates the user, and passes certain SCORM 1.2-related data back to the agency’s LMS.  All of this is done in the background with no additional login required by the user.  During the course session, small bits of data are transferred between SCORM Dispatch and the member agency’s LMS on behalf of the user.  When the user completes the course, completion status, completion date, and course grade (if applicable) for the user are passed to the member agency’s LMS. 


SCORM Dispatch opens a whole new world of opportunities for agencies with needs beyond what the basic out-of-the-box IntraLearn portal provides.  For example, if an agency wanted to:

  •  Synchronize user data between an LMS and internal systems (HRIS, talent management systems, etc.)
  • Establish a single sign-on between an LMS and internal systems (SharePoint sites, internal web sites, etc.)
  • Configure an LMS that generates custom reports
  • Create a system whereby LMS usage reports are emailed to targeted groups or available for download
  • Deploy an LMS that has more robust social networking features, talent management capabilities, or more robust course management features

then SCORM Dispatch could be used with the agency’s chosen LMS to help achieve these goals (in addition to others not mentioned).  SCORM Dispatch would be the delivery mechanism for the course content from the LINGOs Catalog and the communicator of course status to the member agency’s LMS.  The member agency’s LMS would handle all other processes. 

As stated in previous messages, SCORM Dispatch is an add-on.  Member agencies wishing to utilize SCORM Dispatch must be Level 2 or Enterprise members (or upgrade existing Level 1 membership).  Depending on membership level, there is a one-time fee and annual maintenance fee to utilize SCORM Dispatch (See Member Benefits for details).

Thanks to the partnership with Rustici Software and the hard work of our Beta Testing members (CRS, PSI, TNC and Save the Children-US) and the leadership of Robb Allen,  LINGOs very pleased to be able to offer this add-on product to member agencies that have matured beyond the basic out-of-the-box features of the IntraLearn portal provided as part of LINGOs membership. 

Member agencies wanting more information about SCORM Dispatch, can find it here:  LINGOs members with questions not answered within the aforementioned site, please contact Robb [robb (at)].

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