2nd eLearning Global Giveback – ready, set, go!

As we discussed at our first Quarterly Update webinar on June 8 (click here for recording), the 2nd eLearning Global Giveback (GG2) is just kicking off this month. The first Global Giveback was a smashing success, and as an organization dedicated to learning, we learned a bit, and are making some adjustments to how we set it up for the second round.

1. The eLearning Community was ready to giveback in numbers of volunteers and hours of labor beyond our wildest imagination. This year, we ask volunteers to sign up and then member organizations that have posted a course to be developed will seek a volunteer. Last time, there were more volunteers than courses, and we lost the opportunity to contact some willing experts. We know there are more courses to be developed this year (including some that LINGOs itself plans to develop on project management, and onboarding for the LMS, for example). This way, we will have the volunteers’ contact information.

2. Longer timeframe: Last time, there was a scant two months for the courses to be developed. Many agencies with global staff, not to mention response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, were unable to get all the pieces and people together in that short timeframe. This time, we have longer. All courses completed for a LINGOs member organization between April 1 and December 17, 2010 are eligible for the eLearning Global Giveback Competition (this includes some that missed the 1st Giveback deadline).

3. More supporting information for Members and Volunteers: Our GG2 site (http://ngolearning.org/globalgiveback) has tabbed sections with information for Volunteers and for Members with links to resources (downloadable or on line). Please be sure that your volunteers are aware of the tools and resources that the Global Giveback Sponsors are generously making available to them.

Please instruct agency subject matter experts who are working directly with volunteers, to refer them to the resources and to the Clive Shepherd 60 Minute Master’s for Subject Experts (this course is coming soon to the LINGOs LMS… in the meantime, it’s on the  web).  

We’ve created an eLearning Global Giveback Community Group on LinkedIn. This group is independent of LINGOs and the eLearning Guild, and we encourage all participating in the Global Giveback to join in the group and share ideas, tips and resources. To discuss ideas for course topics to develop, please use the regular LINGOs group on LinkedIn as that site includes the broadest range of LINGOs members.

The First eLearning Global Giveback provided LINGOs members with over half a million dollars’ worth of customized eLearning for LINGOs member agencies. In the first round twelve member agencies took advantage of this resource. We’d like to double the number of agencies and courses developed in the second round… and even more importantly, we’d like to maximize the usage of the developed courses. The opportunity to participate is open to all LINGOs members in good standing. Self-paced courses developed for Level 1 member organizations will be posted on the shared portal and available to all Level 1 agencies. We strongly encourage Level 2 member organizations to share the courses developed for them with all LINGOs members. However, Level 2 agency administrators can load the courses directly onto their own portals.

How to get started:
Once you’ve decided on what course(s) you want to develop with a volunteer, your organization’s key contact to LINGOs should request a username and password for the “members only” section (contact membersupport(at)LINGOs.org). Post your course, and then look at the information on volunteers available. Volunteers will indicate the type of course content and specific interests when they sign up. Their detailed information is only available on the “members only” page.  Look at the FAQs for members for more details. Join the LinkedIn group for the eLearning Global Giveback.

And feel free to contact me (marian[at]LINGOs.org) or Ana Raquel (AnaRaquel[at]LINGOs.org) with questions!

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