Welcome back to the LINGOs Blog

We are back from our sabbatical from blogging. There are lots of great things going on at LINGOs and within the LINGOs community of international NGOs and we’re exploring new ways of sharing the news. As you read on, you will see that we are expanding the scope of this blog to include news on many LINGOs topics, and not limiting the blog to Learning Tools.

Our goal is to post a new article every two weeks about new products, resources, and ideas that LINGOs member organizations can and are using to build the capacity of their staff delivering global development, relief, conservation and social justice programs around the world. We are working to adjust our systems so that blog posts will be sent out in an email to anyone who is already signed up for announcements and events on the LINGOs website, and anyone who signs up for a feed from here.

We will continue to post links to relevant LINGOs events and announcements as part of a discussion on the LINGOs group. As of today, there are over 170 people in the group with discussions ongoing including:

• resources for global cultural fluency
• mentoring for younger staff
• courses for the eLearning Global Giveback
• eGames for Change
• Oxfam’s mid June conference for international NGOs on eLearning.

We are also going to fine tune our webinar offerings to maximize this valuable “synchronous” time where members are together in voice, if not in person, for discussion rather than presentation. You tell us that you value the webinar format and we know that you are very busy. We also know that if you miss a webinar, most people would rather get the information through reading or watching a quick Jing! than sitting through a recording of a longer session that was designed to be interactive with participants who were there in “real time.”
We will focus webinars on Quarterly Updates for members (the first one is scheduled for Tuesday, June 8 at 11am Eastern time – that’s 8am Pacific time and 4pm in London). Click here for details, including Login link.

We are also working to schedule more presentations by experts in the fields of learning, measurement, and more. If you have suggestions for vibrant speakers, please send them to Marian.

Additionally, we’d love to continue to support member interactions via webinar. If you are working on something you think is of interest to other members, or a topic that has generated great discussion on LinkedIn (such as building content on global cultural fluency, hint, hint), please contact Marian. We may be able to set up a session in our new Elluminate “big room.”

Please keep in touch with LINGOs with comments, questions, suggestions… you can reach us by email, phone, skype, LinkedIn, Blog comments, and even… in person!

Here’s some of our travel for the next month and a half:

Date Location LINGOs staff member
June 2-4 WASHINGTON, DC Eric
June 11 – 19 THAILAND Eric
June 14-18 BOSTON Marian
June 14-15 NEW YORK CITY Mike
June 16-20 OXFORD, ENGLAND Mike
June 21-25 LONDON ENGLAND Mike
June 26-27 NEW YORK CITY Mike
July 15-16 WASHINGTON, DC area Marian

Next blog will be posting on the 2nd eLearning Global Giveback. We look forward to seeing you at the June 8 quarterly update webinar!

Happy Learning!
– Marian


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