e-Learning Guild Research Library

This week, as the e-Learning Guild Annual Gathering comes to a close, it provides a great occasion to revisit some of the especially valuable tools made available to LINGOs member agencies through our relationship with the e-Learning Guild.  As many are already aware, LINGOs member agencies receive one Premium Membership to the Guild  (a $1,800 value.)  While the premium membership provides access to a number of benefits, one in particular has been especially useful to me over the past month. 

The e-Learning Guild Research Library provides a series of 360° Reports which include comprehensive survey results and analysis, case studies, in-depth essays, interviews, a glossary of terms, a complete index and much more. eLearning Guild members receive unlimited access to the Guild Research Library which includes every research report every published by the Guild for the term of your membership … almost 70 reports published since 2002!

In the last month, I accessed the 360° Report on Learning Management Systems to prepare a presentation on the current state of the LMS industry.  Last week, I recommended the 360° Report on Synchronous Learning Systems to a LINGOs member agency that is evaluating a number of alternatives.   Other research reports include:  The Salary and Compensation Report, e-Learning 2.0, Immersive Learning Simulations, Measuring e-Learning Success, e-Learning Development Tools, and more.


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