Why We Love Jing (Part 2)

Those of you who know LINGOs will not be surprised when you hear us exclaim that “We Love Jing” 

That said, the release of Jing Pro earlier this week has us rekindling our love affair with the tool. Yes, the JING screen capture software continues to be our choice for making quick screen recording videos that help us train users of new applications, document the user experience when troubleshooting, and generally providing narrated communications using PowerPoint or other screen applications.

So, what does JING Pro offer that is new and different?   For a fee of $14.95 a year, JING Pro lets you:

  • Record full-motion video from your screen
  • Share faster with smaller video files
  • Upload straight to YouTube (or upload manually elsewhere)
  • Strip Jing logos & links from your videos

The ability to record full-motion video is especially intriguing.  I have often envisioned a learning series that uses Skype video to conduct interviews with leaders in the field of international development, relief and conservation around the world.  These videos could be recorded and posted to the web, providing easy access to viewers regardless of their location.  With JING Pro, it now becomes a one-click operation to record that Skype video chat AND (if you choose.)

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