LINGOs’ Support Strategy for the IntraLearn LMS

Through their participation in LINGOs, member agencies can access hundreds of e-learning courses on a variety of topics of interest to their staff around the world.  The majority of these courses are SCORM compatible and can be tracked via the IntraLearn LMS sub-portals that are provided through LINGOs.  However, for most member agencies, this is the first experience they have implementing a learning management system and there are many questions regarding the design, launch and maintenance of an LMS.

It is normal for agencies to contact LINGOs with a variety of questions regarding all aspects of their IntraLearn LMS sub-portal:   “What orientation resources can they access?”  “Is there training for Administrators?” “What usage reports can LINGOs member agencies access?”  “What if I need help troubleshooting?”  “Can my agency sub-portal be customized?”  “What if I lose my password?”

The LINGOs Support Strategy for the IntraLearn LMS provides a single location with answers to  all these questions and more.  This workspace will evolve and expand over time, but its current state reflects the existing support structure LINGOs provides to its member agencies.   Please, If there are any points that are not covered in the strategy, add a comment to this blog post and we will address the topic.


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