LINGOs’ Support Strategy for Elluminate

One of the most popular learning tools employed by LINGOs members is Elluminate Live!  To date, LINGOs members have used the Elluminate on-line classroom to host over 3,200 sessions.  On any given day, staff members from all over the world sign on to learn how to do their work more efficiently and more effectively.  Tomorrow, for example, learners will log in from Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Pakistan, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.  Who knows where we will reach in the future! 

As adoption of the tool increases, LINGOs member agency staff have questions about all aspects of the IntraLearn LMS, including:   “What orientation resources can they access?”  “Is there training for Participants? Moderators?” “What usage reports can LINGOs member agencies access?”  “What if I need help troubleshooting?”  “What if I lose my passoword?”

The LINGOs Support Strategy for Elluminate Live provides an easily accessible repository for all these questions and more.  This knowledge base will evolve and expand over time.   Furthermore, if there are any points that are not covered in the strategy, add a comment to this blog post and we will address the topic.

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