Articulate Flash Player Updater Ready for “Prime Time”

In two previous posts, I had indicated some of the impacts that the new version of Flash Player has had on courses developed in Articulate Presenter and on the user experience of Articulate Engage v1.

The Articulate support team has done an excellent job documenting the fix to the compatability problem, and I am happy to share that the Articulate Flash Player Updater patch is fully operational.  A previous version of this Flash Player Updater had addressed all the challenges associated with the Presenter Output files, but had not succeeded in fixing the problem that caused Engage to fail when loading in a Flash Player v10 loaded machine.  The Updater has now been tweaked and is working perfectly on my machine that is loaded with Flash Player v10.

If you are using Articulate Presenter or Articulate Engage, be sure to download the most recent Flash Player Updater.  Follow the instructions provided by the Articulate Support Team at the following site.

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