Articulate Engage and Flash Player v10

The release of Flash Player 10 has led to compatability problems with Articulate Presenter Version 5.  Fortunately, as indicated in the previous blog post  Articulate has provided a Flash Player 10 Updater that is very effective at revisign your Articulate Presenter output files so that they will run effectively for users with Flash Player 10 installed.  Several LINGOs members have applied the fix outlined in the blog post and the results have been very positive.

However, while the last blog post focused on the impact of the new Flash version on Articulate Presenter Users, it is important to acknowlege the impact of the version release on Engage developers as well.  According to the Articulate Knowledge Base users who have run Articulate Engage v1 will have difficulties launching the application after they install Flash Player v10.  More specifically, Flash Player 10 users will find that “Engage will prompt you to install Flash Player 6 and then discontinue working. “ 

While the Articulate Knowedge Base indicates that this problem will be resolved after the Articulate Flash Player 10 Updater is installed, my experience did not find that to be true.  While I installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the Updater multiple times, I was unable to successfully launch Engage v1 while I had Flash Player 10 installed.  Instead, I resorted to uninstalling Flash Player 10 and installing an earlier version of the Flash Player (in my case v9.)

Given the strong support that Articulate provided to resolve problems with Articulate Presenter so as to make it compatible with Flash Player 10, it is likely that the compatability issue will be addressed fully in the near term.  For now, however, I would recommend that Engage developers forego installing Flash Player 10 until this compatability problem has time to be resolved.


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