Elluminate New User Video Clip

For two years, LINGOS member agencies have endeavored to make the Elluminate Live Virtual classroom accessible to staff across the world.  During that time, two adoption challenges have been especially significant when promoting the application within organizations:

1.        Ensuring that field-based users overcome their initial apprehension of entering live on-line sessions;

2.       Ensuring that new users have the Java download that is required to participate in Elluminate.


Today, I received a note from a LINGOs member agency that quoted an e-mail from an employee  based in India:
“Thank you for sharing this clip. One of the reasons I did not join any session was my hesitancy with the technology. Thanks to this I have run out of this excuse.
Looking forward to participating in the next session.”

The e-mail refers to a video clip that had been sent out widely to field based staff which aimed to address both the challenges listed above.  The video clip provides a 5-minute introduction to Elluminate and summarizes everything a new participant needs to know about using the Elluminate Live Virtual Classroom.  The video clip has two clear advantages:

1.       It raises the comfort level of session participants by providing a clear, intuitive introduction to the application – within the context of an Elluminate session.

2.       It identifies a number of additional resources that users can access if they require additional information.

A further advantage of the video clip is that it requires the Elluminate plug-in to be installed before it can be viewed.  That means that anybody who has viewed the clip now has the plug-in required to attend an Elluminate session.

So, as you think about the challenge of preparing staff to attend Elluminate-based sessions, keep this video clip in mind.  The URL for the clip can be inserted as a link in session announcements and it can be presented as required viewing for first-time Elluminate sessions.

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