Loading OutStart Trainer courses in the IntraLearn LMS

Increasingly, LINGOs member agencies are building custom developed courses to deploy to staff around the world.  One of the initial steps in the course design process, is to review course requirements (interactivity, navigation, aesthetics, tracking) and decide which development tool to use. 

This blog post is designed to help designers as they make this decision,  Posted below is a link to a course on Instructional Design that was built using OutStart Trainer and has been loaded in the LINGOs IntraLearn LMS Test Portal.  This course provides a proof of concept of the feature  mix that can be used in Trainer-developed courses and also demonstrates the ability to track course completion of Trainer-built courses in the IntraLearn LMS.

This Proof of Concept Course is especially useful, because it includes an array of interactive features in the course design.  These include embedded video, embedded flash, at least 6 different question formats, embedded scrollable windows, learning games, links to the web, links to Microsoft Office documents and much more. 

Furthermore, the course also demonstrates the ability of Trainer-built courses to report out test scores to users and to “smart jump” test-takers to different pages based on their success with a test. 

To access the Proof of Concept Course follow these instructions;

go to http://lingostest.org 

username:  sample

password:  s1mple

(for clarity’s sack that password is s(the number one)mple)

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