Top 100 Learning Tools for 2008

The Centre for Learning & Performance recently published its yearly list of the Top 100 Tools for Learning.  The list is a fun and informative read that I enjoyed on a number of levels.   As I reflect on the rankings of the list I realize there are three principle observations that come to mind:

First, I was happy to see that a number of the  tools on the list are being employed extensively by LINGOs and its member agencies –  including Articulate Rapid e-Learning Suite (#22), Jing (#28), Elluminate (#53), and more.  It is exciting to see that we are actively adopting and deploying many of the leading learning tools and that our approaches and strategies are aligned with others in the field.

Second, there were some surprising results on the list.  One in particular, but definitely not the only, was  the number one ranking for – a bookmarking tool I use daily, but would not have included on the my top twenty list.  The prominence of and other surprising entries like  like YouTube (#18), iTunes (#27), Google Maps (#42), etc.) have prompted be to reassess the way I considered applications as learning tools.

Finally, there is a treasure trove of additional software applications that I previously was unaware of and I now realize can be extremely useful.  For example, I have already downloaded the Cute PDF Writer (#70) and Audacity ( #11) to help me convert PDF files and record sound files.  Like many of the applications on the list, the two listed above are free and are ideally suited to address some of the most common challenges I have as a learning professional.  Other tools on the list are exciting new approaches to learning, collaboration and community building that I look forward to further expoloring over the coming year.  More specifically, some of the most intriguing products include Ning, GIMP and VoiceThread.

What do you think about the Top 100 Learning Tools List?  Share your experience/thoughts regarding the list by  contributing to the comments section of this blog post.


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