Testing Custom Made Courses in the LMS

During the last month, LINGOs staff have worked with a dozen agencies as they begin to develop courses using rapid e-learning development tools.   As agencies increasingly adopt these tools, there will be challenges getting courses to work seamlessly within the agency LMS.  Some of these challenges include problems with course completion tracking, questions about video compatability in courses, and problems with SCORM code passing through pop-up windows.  These challenges are to be expected, and as more and more agencies begin to develop e-learning content, LINGOs will be available to support agencies as they work through these challenges.

To facilitate this support process, the first step LINGOs follows is to collect as much data as possible regarding the details of the problem and attempt to replicate it on one of the LINGOs workstations.   For example, if the problem is related to a course that fails to load in the LMS, What is the precise name of the course?  What is the user’s computer configuration?  What exactly is happening on the screen when the course fails to load? 

To collect this information, LINGOs has developed a Course Testing Report Form to document the results of course testing (when opening this link, click cancel if you are requested for a password when opening this document.)   As your agency begins to develop custom-made e-learning content and loading them within in the LMS, LINGOs will provide support to help you through this process.  To ensure that we have the information to provide the best support possible, please use this form to communicate with LINGOs whenever there is a technical support issue where we can help.


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